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Ever since I was a little girl I had a strong desire to have some effect on this world for good. Sharing my testimony and being a quiet example. Well, years passed, I grew and I had my first child and then got word that we would be moving out of the country to Malaysia for a year. It captivated me to start a blog to record my adventure. At first this was fun, I loved sharing my adventure but soon I got drawn into the Instagram blog world. All of a sudden I started questioning things I was posting, feeling bad if I didn’t hit a certain amount of likes, and comparing my life to others. Sadly enough the Instagram life consumed me. I was trapped in this cyber world of people I have never even met before but yet wanted to be there best friends. Craving attention from people who really didn’t know me. People posting pictures of things they had, posed pictures of motherhood moments, peoples adventures… its crazy to say but I got caught up in living other peoples life and not my own. Instagram began an addiction, I felt like if I wasn’t posting about my life people wouldn’t like me anymore. I felt like if I didn’t comment and like other peoples photos they would be upset, and I would feel miserable when someone un-followed me thinking to myself “what have I done to personally offend this person?” Literally it brought the weight of the world on my shoulders and I was feeling like I lost sight of who that little girl, Kaylynne, was years ago of wanting to share my testimony and being an example. Instead I felt like I was drowning and loosing sight of who I was. I prayed hard for sometime of what to do. That’s when I decided to stop Instagram all together. This was hard for me because the pride in myself said to keep doing it, that eventually I would be better but I tried that a couple of times and it never panned out. That little like button can hurt, Instagram became a popularity contest not a way to document memories. I feel like I have to say now “Hi my name is Kaylynne and I was addicted to social media”… phewww! Now that I can get that off my chest I feel a bazillion times better. Since I have left that world behind I feel like I have found my happy self again and don’t compare as much. I was living in the world standard and not in Gods standard. The thing is I got so caught up in getting likes from others I wasn’t focusing on getting likes from God, my children, friends, and husband. I’m not bashing social media, I understand that it can do great things but personally for me life feels more free without it. I challenge anyone who reads this to give it a try for a week. See if it helps you. It may be weighing you down more than you think it is. Learn to like yourself through prayer each day with God. After all His like is the only one that counts.


  1. I could not agree more! I was thinking these exact thoughts just the other day and in fact I’m so addicted I still haven’t done anything about It . (I loved seeing your social media and picts of your cute family though). You are always inspirational and have always helped me to be a better person Even when we don’t talk And live far away. So know that the young girl with a strong testimony is still in there and still helping those around You (Me) even when you think you arent. challenge accepted! No more social media for me for at least a week. 🙂

    • Jay love you so much girl! I can’t believe your up and gone to Arizona now make sure you send me a message when your in town next and we can get together. Thanks for accepting my challenge I hope you find it a nice relief. Miss you!

  2. kaylynne!
    Thanks for this update, I knew you had made the decision a while ago to stop using Instagram. I have missed your posts I will admit because I think you really did well in trying to convey positive things but…I completely understand the draw of social media and find myself reaching for my phone WAY too much or trying to find something to post to get likes… It’s a downward spiral when it’s our focus for sure! and it’s totally not necessary to have a happy life! I admire your example and I am gonna take your challenge! Love you thanks for being amazing!!!!

    • Lindsey thank you for your kind comment. Social media is such a hard world to be in. I may go back to it someday but it really has been helping me change my perspective in life. Thank you for always following along and being so sweet. I hope you enjoy the challenge love ya!

  3. Love this! It’s so true about social media. It’s exhausting!! Thanks for being an inspiration.

    Love you!


    • Thanks Meggies I love you so much!

  4. I love this, Kay. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. A friend of mine just spoke at the BYU Women’s Conference and she said that lds women used to compare themselves to Patty Perfect, but now it is Patty Pinterest. It seems we can so easily fall into the trap of comparing our real lives to some non-existent perfect one. We all have problems, and none of us is perfect, but thank goodness we have a perfect Savior to rely on! Love you! And btw that tis the cutest picture of the kiddies on this post. Talk about true perfection!

    • I think that as women we compare ourselves more often than not. I feel like instgram was really good at making me look at others lives and not realizing the blessings I have in my own or making me think I have falling short on being a good mother. I love what your friend said with Pinterest. It really is so true and your completely right no one is perfect. Thank goodness for the savior in out lives like you said. Thanks for always being full of great wisdom and advice. love you.

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