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One of my favorite places in the world has to be Chiang Mai, Thailand. The friendliest people you’ll meet, the amazing culture, food, and the atmosphere of being in the mountains is beyond compare to so many places I’ve been.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to spend the day with an elephant and I think this made me love Thailand even more. In the morning time we learned what makes an elephant healthy vs. unhealthy. We learned elephants show emotions just like humans. We fed the elephants, talked with them, and bonded with them. We took them down to a waterfall where we proceeded to get on top of the elephant and bath them. We scrubbed and splashed around with them.

My elephants name was Boon. He is 13 years old and I got so attached to him I didn’t want to say goodbye. It was so amazing how we were able to connect over the day. When we were in the water I kept talking to him and he was looking me straight in the eye and It was like I knew he understood me. We had such a special connection. I then proceeded to give him a big hug and continued bathing him, when all of a sudden he pulled me back with his trunk to give him another hug. The trainers were laughing because they couldn’t believe how much Boon loved me, but trust me the feeling was mutual.

When it came to riding Boon it was nerve racking at first because I didn’t want to hurt him. This being an elephant sanctuary I knew he was very loved and so I decided ride him. He was so far above the ground and occasionally we would stop by the side of the trail for his snack of bamboo. It was crazy to realize how strong his trunk was as he ripped the bamboo from the tree.  You could hear it crushing like a bone in his mouth as he chomped away.

There was a moment while riding bonn that I was taken away in thought as I looked around at the unreal scenery of the jungle of Thailand. I felt so tall and yet felt no fear. I looked down below me as this incredible creature carried me up into the mountains and just felt the blessing and the beauty of life that God has given me. This was a dream, not only riding Boon but looking in front of me to see all my family having this experience with me. Tears filled my eyes a bit as I’ve always dreamed to take them to the parts of the world I have experience alongside me. Life is a beautiful thing, adventures, everyday life, motherhood, but nothing is more important or more significant than family.


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  1. That looks like tons of fun! Bring me back one of those elephants as a souvenir Love you guys. Miss you tons.

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