Sick and Tired of Being Sick!

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Okay so Craziest weekend ever! Over the weekend I felt like I was feeling just fine. Friday night after hanging with some friends and eating at Texas Roadhouse disaster struck…..

 I was hit full on with the worst flu bug I have ever had in my life!!!! This was bad folks. Literally when I say worst in my life I would take back days of morning sickness and nausea if I didn’t have to go through that again!
 Horrible cold chills, violent stomach ache, couldn’t even hold down a sip of water without throwing it up 5 minutes later. I took constant baths but that only held off the throbbing headache temporarily and encouraged me passing out on the floor in Matt’s arms.
 Finally 3:00 am hit…yes in the morning. I was too weak to even move I had to surrender to going to the hospital. Anyone who knows me well knows I hate needles more than anything else. I have a really horrible phobia. I have to make Matt hold my hand to help me from crying. So when I volunteer myself to go to the hospital you know I needed it.
When it came right down to it, the needle part wasn’t so bad I was actually thankful for needles for once and the nurses were so sweet and attentive to me. I also have found a new love in life to a nausea medication called zofran such a miracle pill! When they shot that in me it almost started working immediately.
 We got home around 5:00am. We were so tired. My sweet husband is so very attentive and I am so thankful for him…however I wish this was the happy ending to the story….
Two hours later I got that stirring feeling in my stomach and starting throwing up all the fluids they just put into me….again I couldn’t even hold down water. Than do I dare say this on my blog… please forgive me…I had a horrible case of the runs. I pretty much lived on the toilet. I knew that through all this pain there was going to be no man made solutions.
 I received a priesthood blessing. I kid you not nothing helped me even feel remotely better but after this healing blessing I was able to start to regain my energy and strength back. I am so thankful for the priesthood and its power. Sometimes when we are in pain the Lord is the last person we think to turn to, when in fact he should always be the first. He offers healing and comfort like nothing else can in this world. I am thankful to those who hold the Priesthood as well. I was so thankful I could call on Matthew on the spot and he was able to offer me threw the power of Christ the healing power I needed. This is mama bee signing out with such an appreciation for priesthood!

Check out this Mormon message about the Prieshtood.

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