Penang island and cameron highlands

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Matt had to give a little presentation in Penang, Malyasia and so we decided to tag along. The drive there was breath taking. The mountains were beyond green and covered in trees. I could not believe how green it was, even Stockton was saying wow. Even though it was a 4 hour drive I really enjoyed every bit of it.

We stayed the first night on Penang island at the Hard Rock Hotel. This Hotel was super family friendly. When we arrived Stockton was so eager to run around he immediately ran towards the water, reached down and picked up the sand. When he finally looked up to me he gave me this  little chuckle and smile and said “beach”! I was already swoon at his love for the beach I almost just let him get in with his clothes on. We finally had to reason with him to leave so we could go get his swim suit on. The rest of the day we spent swimming, throwing sand, collecting leaves, and finding bugs. We also saw a local riding a horse and he let Stockton pet him. Stockton has always been an animal lover. Along with the horse there were stray dogs along the beach as well, so we had to steer the animal lover clear of those “puppies” as he thinks all dogs are puppies.

We were only able to spend a day at the beach before we had to head to the mainland for Matthew to give his speech. The highlight of that was Stockton started chanting ‘ya’ with everyone in the crowd when Matt asked questions. What can I say he is such a daddy fan and so is mama!

It was a short trip but on the way back Stockton had a little cold so we decided to go into the Cameron Highlands and stay the night to help cut the trip in half. We didn’t plan this and it was totally spontaneous, but that’s how our relationship is. We just get up and do things! The drive was filled with tea plantations, strawberry fields, and lavender fields. We found a little bed and breakfast nestled in the middle of it all. Matthew and I kept saying we didn’t feel like we were in Malaysia but rather Switzerland.

The cottage was very swedish and cozy. It was pouring rain when we got there but we didn’t even care, we walked outside and just enjoyed the beauty and the fresh air was a much-needed break from the city. Stocky kept splashing in the puddles and looking for bugs everywhere. There were flowers all over the property that overlooked a lake, it just felt so cozy! It was a little chilly up there at night and so when we went to have dinner they built a fire for us! You guys a fire!!! I have not sat by a fire since I have been in Malaysia and it made me so giddy inside. I know I keep saying it was cozy but can I say one more time how cozy it was?! I felt like I was back home in Utah at the family cabin. However it didn’t make me homesick just happy. Do you every get those feelings sometimes where you feel like God is just put something in your path to make you happy? I know that he did this for me. It hasn’t been easy being pregnant in another country but this place just gave me the little bit of rejuvenation I needed. The next morning we order breakfast in bed, french toast and hot chocolate yet another thing that made me happy. I have been craving hot chocolate but can never make myself drink it in KL because it is too hot, but it was so nice to have it when it was just a bit chilly.

That morning we headed home but not without a couple of stops along a way. We went to a strawberry plantation and picked our own strawberries. Trying to teach Stocky how to pick the strawberries was so funny, he kept squashing them in his hands before putting them in the container. After words we couldn’t wait to wash them off and eat them so we ate them in the parking lot. They were pretty yummy might I add. We made one more stop to the lavender fields. The flowers were beautiful but the best part about it was the lavender ice-cream. Our plan was to share one with Stockton but we ended up each having our own individual cone and I don’t regret it! I also got to pick my own flowers and I’m a sucker for fresh flowers.

All in all it  was a beautiful trip and a rejuvenating, I just love tagging along with Matt places, I am being completely honest when I say this… I never get sick of Matt I just crave being with him together as a family and I feel so blessed with the job he has that I get to go on adventures with him.

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