Palawan Philippines

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I’m still dreaming of our anniversary trip we took with Matt’s sister Jenna. It was beyond magical, words cannot even express the magic of it all. Matt had been planning on a surprise anniversary trip for some time now, due to the fact he would be working in Indonesia on our anniversary. I am usually pretty good about figuring out where he is taking me, but this time it really was a shock. After the 4Life convention was over Matt had us take a small plane ride to an island, where we than took a little boat for 45 minutes to an island. As we were on the boat, I’m literally looking at these enormous mountains of greenery in the middle of the ocean and the blue water thinking, “Where on earth are we going?” As we started rolling up closer to the resort Matt pointed out our resort. I looked and there were these little cabana huts on a little private island literally in the middle of the ocean. I started to cry. I just felt so overwhelmed of my blessings, the fact that I could be in such a beautiful place with the people I loved overwhelmed me. I just couldn’t help but to think, how do I deserve this?

Our week activities there involved snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, sunset crusing, island hoping, and caving. It was not always easy-going on all of these adventures with our toddler but he was a trooper. Taking naps on the boats seemed to help out a bit, it would generally rock him right to sleep. His love for the beach however concurred his desire for anything else, he didn’t even want to eat if he was on the beach, he just wanted to throw rocks, splash in the water, and dig holes. He particularly loved swinging in the hammock.

The waters were so clear I could look down from the Kayak and literally name the fish I was looking at and the sand was so fine and white it felt like powder. It was so nice to just be embodied in nature. We also loved having aunt Jenna with us. I love her adventurous spirit and how she’s always up for a good time. She made the trip that much more fun.

I have to say the highlight of the whole trip was when Jenna watched Stockton for a little bit and we took a kayak out right before sunset. We just paddled out into the middle of the ocean and we felt all alone and just listened to the sound of the silence and breathed in the fresh air. We talked about our blessings and just laughed and smiled together. I literally love being with Matt so much I never get sick of him. As we paddled back to the island we watched the sun creep behind the clouds as the sun slowly set, it was magical. Later that night we got a couples massage and I dosed into sleep with the sounds of the waves and the sounds of the night life. It was magical, and also a treat to be away from the city for a while. I will never forget our time in Palawan Philippines. I hope you enjoy the pictures and little movie I out together from our trip.

view sunset sunset boat stocky and matt snorkling pointing pic life jacket boat jenna stocky island IMG_9005_Fotor IMG_8992_Fotor IMG_8976_Fotor IMG_8944_Fotor huts 1 DSC_0989_2_Fotor DSC_0969_2_Fotor DSC_0959_2_Fotor DSC_0933_2_Fotor DSC_0909_2_Fotor boat view boarding pass beach



  1. It’s love love love for me! I just fell for you guys… Hard. My heart is seriously connected with yours. It’s crazy how that is. Love, Jamie @missjamiemarie

    • Jamie I just love and adore you so much! Can you please me my older sister I never had? I swear we are kindred spirits! Your heart is beautiful as well as your face! Thank you for reading! Your seriously the best! Your comment seriously made my whole day! I feel like you have been on this adventure with me!

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