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This year the anticipation almost killed me counting down the days until the 4th of July. I remember last year when we were in our little apartment in KL and I was so homesick wishing I could take Stocky to a parade and to see fireworks. Mostly though I missed the warm feeling you get by being surrounded by family and friends. This year exceeded my expectations of being able to celebrate the 4th in the USA. Seeing Stocky surrounded by loved ones, BBQs, Fireworks, junk food like you wouldn’t believe, hot air balloons, and parades made my heart almost burst with joy. The highlight of all the festivities was probably the parade. I really thought Stockton was going to get really into it this year and I was disappointed. However when he realized people in the parade were giving high fives as they passed though, he made it his life’s mission to give every person a high five in the parade. I still am giggling to myself picturing him with his hand stretched out saying, “high five”. Sometimes he was successful other times not so much and he took it personal and got really sad about it. I couldn’t help but giggle here we all are my family getting up at 4:30am to get a spot at the parade and all Stockton cares about is giving anyone and everyone a high five. To me it was still worth it so see that little smile on his face.












  1. I LOVE your shirts! Where did you get them??

    • My bothers have a company and make them. 🙂 They do custom shirts as well.

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