Monkey business

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So while I’ve been in KL people have been telling me there are monkeys all over the place but I had yet to see any since I’ve been in the city…a bit disappointing being here 3 months. However for a play date my friend Ginne gave me a call and asked me if I would like to go feed the monkeys with her, this was an easy yes. So we piled 3 kids into a car, got a bag of peanuts and headed to the golf course area where apparently the monkeys like to hang.

When Ginne first got out of the car she laughed with surprise and told me there was a monkey right next to her. Sure enough I walked along the side of her and there it was, literally tugging at her arms. Kind of a weird sensation when your constantly around a little child because you expect it to be your little one but instead you look down and see a monkey.

I was nervous at first as these monkeys were a lot bigger than ones I have interacted with before. At first I kept Stockton tight in my arms but he wiggled and begged to be let down so I caved in. The monkeys would literally open our fists filled with peanuts, and eat them from our hand–crazy!  Stockton and Ginne’s kids didn’t have any fear, they were just so excited to hang with the monkeys. At one point we left the keys on top of the car with the bag of peanuts and from the corner of my eye I saw the monkey jump onto the car and dart for the keys. I knew it was automatically a thrown down between the monkey and me. So I let my inner Chuck Norris out, leaped to grab the keys and bag of peanuts as fast I could possibly move and saved the day from us being stranded.  Let’s be honest, once that monkey had our keys, it would have turned into a Jumanji scene and we probably would have never seen the keys again. I did however have a few tug a wars with the monkeys and the bag of peanuts, they were very sneaky.

When it was time to go, getting into the car was another story, they are known for jumping into your car. You can’t exactly just shew a monkey away when you have been feeding it. So we literally had to hold our ground. I was trying to get into the front seat and every time I made a move for it so did the monkey. I just made my move and jumped in. It may have made my heart beat a little but it was some good fun. Such a big thank you to Ginne for taking me there.

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