matt in Malaysia

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Matt left back to Malaysia for the 4Life southeast Asia convention. My heart hurts a little bit because I got so use to traveling with him. I was feeling sad about missing this one. Matt texted me when he landed in Singapore where we usually would stay the night together. Well when he got to the room he found that they put a pack n play in there for Stocky. Matt expressed that it was already hard going without us but having the pack n play in the room ready for our little guy made him miss us even more. It’s never an easy adventure traveling with Stockton but I wouldn’t have traded those experiences for the world. The memories we made, the friendships, and the further bond of love with Matt made it one of the best times in my life. I’m really missing it this week and feel so thankful for the opportunity we had out there because I know in my heart I will never have those experiences again but at least I have the memories and the friendships. I feel dumb at times because since I came home all I know what to talk about is Malaysia. I guess it was my life for the past 9 months. I probably do sounds like an old record player though. I just never want to forget how it molded and shaped me so much. Feeling sad with mixed emotions while Matt is there but also feeling extremely blessed I even have those feelings. After all a new adventure is just around the corner as I soon become a mom of two.



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