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We took a quick trip to Jakarta, Indonesia for a convention for 4life Research with Matt. It was such a fun trip especially because Jenna, Matt’s sister works for the company too and we got to see her. We love spending time with her. She has been the only family we’ve really seen while being here in KL. The trip was short and sweet but I put together just a little list of things that I wanted to remember below.

1. Stockton running around on stage during convention rehearsals, he wanted to be just like his daddy up there talking to people.

2. The way when we first walked in and Stockton saw the big screens and was so excited to see the 4Life logo and because he can’t say four he kept saying life. Made me smile.

3. Stockton being so well-behaved, although he was literally stuck in his stroller for 5 hours straight watching the iPad. Angles were truly there helping us get through such a busy time.

4. The way the Hotel brought up a little gift for Stockton, a teddy bear, bubble bath, and slippers. Also him demanding a bubble bath every time he saw the bath.

5. The way Stockton ran into the crowd and starting blowing kisses and giving high fives.

6. To see Matt and Jenna on stage together, they both did such a beautiful job on their presentations.

7. Just being together as a family, hanging out in the hotel room and eating room service and the way Stockton would demand for pizza.

8. Being in a new country and getting to travel with my little family. I love them so much.

It was such a short visit but truly such a little piece of heaven that we needed. I feel so thankful everyday for Matt’s Job with 4Life, they have given us everything and we are so blessed to be a part of such a great company.

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