Happy October

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Well it’s officially October and we are in full swing of everything Halloween. I’m not going to lie to you though we had all of our Halloween decorations up about a week ago and just added the finishing touches today. I must say this all the time but each Holiday just keeps getting better with this kid. He has become so obsessed with Halloween it just makes me want to go over the top on everything. So that being said this month I’m challenging myself to do some fun activity every week with Stocky dealing with Halloween.

Today we made cupcakes with Stockton’s best bud and painted there faces like a tiger. It was so cute how they got into it and started growling and chasing each other around the house. Little Venice was very apprehensive about the whole situation but after a few tears she became more okay with the situation and the fact that her brother was now a tiger…. as long as he didn’t growl at her. Of course the boy’s licked off all the frosting first and left the cupcake there. We than danced in the living room to the monster mash and the adams family. While sissy took her late afternoon nap we cut out a face to glue on Stockton’s pumpkin he got from Smiths (More like refused to go inside the store unless I got it for him.) As I sat on the ground with him and just watched his little body paint the pumpkin and how happy he was, I had one of those mother moments where you tear up inside because your bursting with love. I swear my days feel so much more accomplished when I take the time to stop thinking about myself and focus more on the things that make my children happy.

Photo Oct 01, 1 34 51 PM

I love this picture so much. I feel like it describes these twos relationship so much. Stocky always cracking jokes to Ryker.

Photo Oct 01, 1 39 16 PM

Stocky carried this picture around for the rest of the day saying, “best tiger buds.”
Photo Oct 01, 1 48 54 PM

I think Stocky was more focused on eating the sprinkles than decorating.
Photo Oct 01, 1 51 36 PM

So concentrated.Photo Oct 01, 1 58 00 PM

What can I say I’m a succor for anything colorful and Halloween. Lots of this I made myself or got from the dollar store. Skull pic via A beautiful mess blog.
Photo Oct 01, 2 58 29 PM

By the end of it he had more paint on him than on the pumpkin. Photo Oct 01, 3 01 17 PM

I love stocks curly hair and will probably cry the day we get it trimmed.signature

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  1. So funny, and your kids are very cute 🙂

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