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dreamcatchers and cancer - Sincerely Kay | Sincerely Kay

dreamcatchers and cancer

Posted by on October 14, 2014 in Blog, Home Page Recent Posts, INSPIRE ME | 1 comment

I am Kaat, a 15 year old girl from Belgium. 5 months ago I decided to fight together with the kids, against cancer. By supporting them in a way I can do at my age. making dreamcatchers for children fighting cancer, to bring them hope, love and support. I started this project that arose from my own loyalty to children with cancer. They can choose their favorite colors, so every dreamcatcher is unique at his own way. In the package is also a card that is personally addressed to the child. On this card the indian legend is explained: ‘you can hang it above your bed, all the bad dreams can be caught in the web and the good dreams can escape through the hole in the centre.’

Many children who have cancer, often get, due to side effects of treatments and trauma’s, terrible nightmares. A dreamcatcher comes as a godsend. A reaction of a mother from Virginia: ‘Lately she was having bad dreams and she was convinced an angel sent it to her!’

I started this project all by myself, in 5 months I already sent over 200 dreamcatchers, worldwide (America, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Australia,…) Of course this all would not be true without the help of so many great and generous people.

Together we can make even more children smile! I want to reach as many kids as possible, because every kid/parent should know they don’t have to fight alone. I get heartwarming responses from the parents of the children. It is always appreciated immensely. The goal is to give a glimmer of hope to these children, making them feel they are not fighting alone.

A dreamcatcher for the child in question is completely free of charge for the family. It is very important that for the parents no costs are involved, because families are already burdened with a lot of costs like hospital, treatments, parents whose presence is full time required with their child and therefore have to terminate their job temporarily or permanently.

I appreciate a lot that so many people are willing to help in every way they can! Because if there weren’t this kind of people, the project would no longer exist.

I have a heart for these kids, the love you get back is incomparable. I live to do this, it makes my life complete. For many people it’s hard understanding 15-year old girls having this kind of interest. Well,  I may be unusual, I am happy!

I am grateful for having the chance to bring a smile on these faces, meeting new people with such kind hearts, I would have never met before.

There is a special little girl who has been meaning so much to me. She changed my life. Soley was diagnosed with brain cancer on the age of 3 months. She fought like a true warrior. On the age of 11 months she was stolen by cancer. She had to let go life way to early. I never met her in person. Her young parents live in France and for her treatment they went to the Marie Curie institute in Paris. In May 2014 I contacted her mother to ask if Soley would like a dreamcatcher. She answered me that she would love one for her daughter but that they don’t  know how long she would live, so if I would rather do one for another kid, she would understand. I immediately felt this was something special. If someone tells you this, you are no longer strangers to each other. This is how it all started. I made one for Soley as fast as I could. 2 months later  she died. June 8 2014. In the summer vacation I got in touch with a friend of Soley’s mum, and by coincidence she lives very close to me! So we arranged a meeting with soley’s parents and it was a huge surprise! They didn’t knew a thing about our arrival! It was the happiest moment of my life! I was truly truly happy! We hugged and hugged, they shared more about Soley with us, It was an unbelievable moment, unreal. We stayed in contact and I  hope we will meet each other again, very soon because I miss them so much!

This little kid and her parents changed my life. When her mum wrote about her on her blog I felt her strength and love. I can’t explain how she has touched me. She is an example for all of us! I think about her every day, she has a special place in my heart, forever. Soley Always!

I will take every opportunity I can get to promote the cause because that means we can reach even more children, they all need one of our dreamcatchers, who are made with tons of love. And of course we want to spread more awareness for childhood cancer!

-Kaat Swartebroeckx.Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9_Fotor_Collage_FotorAbove: Baby Soley with her parent’s 

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9_Fotor_Collage_Fotor


Cancer kids who have received there dreamcatcher, would you look at the smile on there faces? 

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9_Fotor

Every time a kid who I had sent a dreamcatcher dies, I release a balloon in honor of the child. Its my way to give it a place in my head and heart. When a warrior becomes an angel.


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  1. YOU are the angel, Kaat.
    It is just wonderful what you are doing, you spread love, and it is so precious!
    You are a beautiful person. I send you love, so you can share it with the kids 😉

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