covered goods-and my nursing story

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With my first child I was only able to breastfeed for a short while because of a severe allergy he had and it was really hard on me. I loved the closeness that nursing gave me with him and I felt like a failure when I couldn’t breastfeed anymore. However the best lesson that I learned from it was just to be kind to everyone. You would not believe how many people had a word or two to tell me about not breastfeeding my child. So in return my feelings were constantly hurt because of others opinions. It’s not like I didn’t want to breastfeed him it just didn’t work out. I’m convinced that however you choose to feed your child you will still have a bond with them, they will still love you. We each have to do what is best for our children and us.

This time around breastfeeding has worked out better. She didn’t have the same allergy stockton did. So now I feel like i’m still learning new things about what is right and wrong for my child. Am I over feeding her? Underfeeding her? When do I burp her? So in a way you could imagine I have felt like a new mom all over again. One thing that has really helped me feel comfortable with the new adjustment is my Covered Goods nursing cover. It’s really convient for me and gives me freedom to do things throughout my day. I always have it with me because I choose to wear it as a scarf, or use it as a carseat cover on a cold day. It completely covers my whole upper body and helps me feel modest. I’m not against anyone breastfeeding in public, I just choose to do it privately because it makes me feel more comfortable. This cover has really helped me with the new adjustment of breastfeeding this time around. It’s light and airy, soft, and can easily fit in my diaper bag without taking up lots of space. I would totally recommend it to anyone. I love mine so much. The owner of Covered Good’s, Jamie is a sweetheart and she is having a promotion going on right now and launching some new colors. So go check her out you won’t regret it!







  1. Kay, this is such a great post with such good advice for us all. The nursing experience and its challenges are as individual and varied as are the babies we have! Even with five kids I felt like I had to learn all over again with each one because they are so different. I love your covered goods cover. You make everything look great!

    • Thanks so much Bink. It feels so good to be able to nurse this time around. Thanks for your love.

  2. Thanks for accepting me in facebook. Glad to know your husband Matt is close by visiting Sydney while I’m visiting Melbourne area. I’m now a Mr Mom in my family and any advice from me will be that life is a path of learning and with more kids it only gets better! Hope you’ll have a great Christmas together as a family and with 2 young kids it’s even more fun! Miss the snow and lights of Temple Square this time of the year especially down under here where it’s hot and sunny! Hope our paths can cross some day again in KL or some other place!

  3. I love it! Thank you for sharing this great idea. You look beautiful.

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