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I’m up late and can’t sleep. My mind is rambling basically on everything I need to get done before baby gets here. Plus I have this burning desire to decorate for Halloween since today was the first day of Fall. I know I’ve really got my priorities straight? (insert sarcasm here)

However I feel set back due to Stockton being sick and me being sick all last week. Needless to say we are still recovering over here. Is it so dumb I’m over here trying to pressure myself into getting some things done that maybe aren’t first priority right now.

For example all day today I sat around and basically did nothing I was lazy, still feeling weak , and well stockton was completely opposite and feeling upbeat and full of energy. I had a doctors appointment and was really looking forward to it because it meant I could get myself out of the house for something productive. Also I had promised Stockton all day I would take him to get a pumpkin, and he reminded me about it all day.

Any how we took a long nap together and we woke up a little late. I scrambled to get all my stuff together as fast as I could so I could drop Stockton off at my moms house and be off to the doctors. That’s when I looked in my car and discovered no carseat. I was literally in a panic I looked all through the garage no where to be seen. So I made a panicking telephone call to my sweet husband and sure enough it was in his car. Already late and tired I tried calling the doctors for a later appointment but they ended up canceling and rescheduling me. I would be lying if I didn’t say I have the urge just to buckle Stockton into a seatbelt like the Malaysians do and be on my way. However about 2 seconds later I realized this was not a practical idea. So I unrolled the windows and sat there exhausted letting Stockton play in the car because I wasn’t ready to let him down with saying, no grandmas house and no pumpkin today. He was disappointed to say the least but soon enough later that evening dad came home and he was as happy as can be.

Matt realizing the day had been tough decided to take us to go get some pumpkins. The pure joy it brought stockton running around through the halloween department at the grocery store was priceless. It gave me the freedom I needed from my home from being so sick the past couple of days, and it gave stockton the chance to just smile and be free. In that moment I was so happy. Literally I felt like I could burst inside. Is that so dumb that seeing my husband and son run through the isles of decorations laughing together made me burst with joy?! Oh man I guess what I’m rambling on about is that everyday as a mother brings new surprises and new challenges but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love this little family I have and I think it’s important that we as mothers, we as people recognize the little beautiful moments God puts into our lives everyday to make us smile. Oh and Ps. Happy first day of Fall.





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