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We just touched down back in KL after being in Bangkok, Thailand for the week. My heart hurts a little bit because of the love I have for Thailand. There is something about that place, that has been so magical for me. I tried to really savor every moment I had there because I didn’t want to forget anything about it. It seems once you leave a vacation you catch amnesia and it all feels like a dream. Which as I’m typing this I’m thinking ‘did that all really happen?’ One thing is for sure when I get to heaven someday, I’m asking for replays of Thailand so that I can live it all over again.

Matt had business in Bangkok and so I begged him to tag along. Matt seriously is amazing you guys, he will always usually take me along, as long as he’s not going anywhere he thinks would be dangerous for us. There are some sacrifices involved, I know he needs to go to meetings during the day and get the things done he came for, but he always leaves me an extra day or two to take me around. So usually during the time before the adventure we hang out in the room, watch movies, order room service,  chill by the pool, and Matt joins us for dinner and then we go and do some exploring.

We really had only a couple of days of exploring Bangkok, but Matt and I just love to go go go on trips. So naturally that’s what we did this time as well. We always laugh because I think we catch amnesia with how hard traveling with Stockton can be sometimes. For example every time we go somewhere we never have a car seat and trying to get a toddler to sit still in a moving car is nearly impossible. So let me just give a shout out to my boy Steve Jobs for creating the iPad because without it folks living in a foreign country would be near impossible. However, no matter how hard it may be at times Matt and I have always made a promise that having kids wouldn’t stop us from exploring the world together and going on many adventures and we have done just that.

We hit up The Grand Palace first. This place was insane. Every thing coated in gold color, it was so shiny your eyes felt like you were looking at the sun. The detail that went into making this place was incredible. I’m talking like 1 inch small tiles making a pattern on a wall or on a statue that alone took months and months to create. I kept telling Matt we are in an imaginary world because how does a place like this exist?! Everywhere you turned was a photo op. However this time I didn’t take many pictures, I just wanted to live more in the moment and take it all in. It was magical.

We also stopped by the Wat Pho temple. Which holds a 150ft long statue of Buddha laying down. This is where Stockton discovered he could say Buddha and he literally said it all day. All the Thai people were so impressed by him and loved that he was recognizing there God. Guess we’ve been in Asia long enough when he knows who Buddha is. I’m still laughing inside of his little voice saying it.

To get from temple to temple we took a little taxi that is famous around here called the Tuk Tuk. Don’t you just love Thai names?! I sure do! Now when I’m talking small, I’m saying it was smaller than a smart car with no windows or doors and you really have to duck to get inside the vehicle, not to mention it had three wheels! More like a glorified bike than a car, or maybe a three wheeled  go-cart  is the right word. Stockton was in pure heaven like a little dog with the breeze in his face. He kept saying Tuk Tuk and beep beep. Those things might be small but they were fast.   Besides the fact that it felt we could tip, crash or fall apart at any moment we definitely enjoyed the slight breeze to momentarily cool the sweat off of our dripping, hot faces.  Poor Stockton’s head was so wet from the sweat.

The last day we were there we went to the floating water market. This was the highlight of my trip. From Bangkok it took about an hour and half taxi ride to get out there but in my opinion very worth it. We chose to get a private boat tour because we never know exactly how stockton will be and why drive a bunch of strangers crazy! So we had this huge narrow wooden motor boat to ourselves. Stockton loved it. So did Matt and I. We bought coconuts and souvenirs  along the shops on the side of the river from the locals and just enjoyed the culture of the place. There was a lot of poverty at this place and the water wasn’t clean, but to me it was all part of the experience. The locals were all so friendly, they were just cooking lunch on there boats with little homemade grills. Our driver asked us several times if we wanted to eat there, we may have passed him up on this one because we’ve been sick enough to have learned our lesson by now, but again it was fun to watch and be a part of the experience. At one point its gets very crowded with a lot of tourists but I kinda liked the craziness of it all. It was like a little New york city traffic jam on the water. The market is a must see to me if you ever go to Bangkok.

The last stop was the monkey and  crocodile show. Stockton is obsessed with monkeys so we wanted to really make sure we did something in the day that he enjoyed. Enjoy he did. To me it was over priced and overrated and I wouldn’t recommend it but Stockton loved it! I must admit the hightlight of the monkey show for me was the grand finally where they put this little monkey in a dress, with green eye shadow, even blush on, and she twirled a baton with fire on it! haha I know right?! Only in Thailand! The crocodile show was something I was not looking forward to. I find myself to be a very adventeruous person but when it comes to crocodiles I literally am so freaked out by them. I think it really all goes back to a reoccurring nightmare when I was a kid. I was at the zoo looking down at the crocodiles and I fall into the pit my legs are broken and I can’t escape and they are circling in around me and I wake up. Horrible dream right?! So you get my fear! So naturally when they asked me I wanted to take a picture with this beast! I was like there is no way in heck! However I have this thing where I try to be competitive with my fears in my head and my adventurous side of the brain kicked in. It kept telling me go take a pic with the crocodile, you only live once, you don’t want to have any regrets. While my practical side was like, are you seriously considering this? Your almost 7 months pregnant and your going to jump into the ring with a crocodile! Some may say this is my competitive nature others may say it was the angel and the devil talking on my shoulder but I gave into the pressure and did it! Yes you guys even after my horrible night mares for years I did it! Was it a thrill? Is Chuck Norris unstoppable?! Well there you go! My heart may have been beating a hundred miles an hour and my smile was totally fake but I did it. Now would I have done it after I had seen the show. No way! Those guys were insane. Sticking there hands, and heads in the crocks mouths. At one point there was a close call, I think I closed my eyes and became nauseated at the thought of what could happen to those guys. I mean do they have mothers? Do their mothers know what they are doing? I am an adrenaline junkie but this exceeds the limits folks! However once again I’m going to say this saying, “Only in Thailand”.

The trip was amazing and it went by way too fast. I cried when we were leaving because this will be my last time in Thailand while living overseas. I have made so many incredible memories here with my husband and son and there is not a day that goes by that I am so grateful for the joys this experience has brought me. Oh man Thailand I love you I really really love you!

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