When animals attack

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Caution! What I’m about to expose about our paradise trip may not be suitable for people with animal phobias. Where do I begin…..? It was a beautiful day in paradise, we were hanging out all alone on a private island surrounded by beautiful scenery and soaking in the relaxation. Life couldn’t have been better at the moment. We decided before heading back to our resort to take a kayak ride around the island and explore. This for sure would be the perfect ending of our day. Well of course being the overly cautious, protective parents we are, we threw a life jacket on our son and decided to set sail on an adventure as a family with a little kayak in the middle of the ocean. It was great at first, there were lots of ‘wows’ and ‘look you see’ from Stockton. I was even in awe of the beautiful surroundings. We were surrounded by massive cliffs of greenery with water so blue you could see directly below you and name the fish you see. We could take a full circle look around us and we were completely alone embodied in nature. We continued for a long while and realized we had gone pretty far as I looked back to Matt, I asked him if he thought we should turn around now emphasizing we had gone far. My concern was for Matt, the solo paddler being so worn out because my job was holding Stockton. However Matt was determined to get just around the corner of the cliff to see what other beauties lay ahead so we kept going. As we went a little further we noticed some beautiful white birds flying above us, we were in awe of their beauty. Stockton was so excited seeing the birds flying he just watched them in awe. We kept paddling and noticed they began to circle us. That awe feeling left pretty fast when they started making screeching noises and swooping down literally inches from our faces. I felt like we were in a game of darts but our faces were the targets. They were swooping down one at a time taking turns trying to hit us. Stockton began screaming and the kayak was rocking. I thought for sure we were going to tip which was not good considering there were huge jelly fish all around us, and when I say big I mean bigger than Stockton. I was very afraid as I heard fear in Matt’s voice saying “Take care of Stocky Kay do everything you can  to not fall in.” At this point I realized I had to protect Stockton Because Matt was doing everything he could paddling as hard as he could to keep us safe. So I immediately turned Stockton’s face to my chest to hide his face from the birds getting so close and literally said so many prayers that we wouldn’t fall into the water and get stung by the jelly’s or get our eyes picked out by birds… okay maybe eyes picked out is a little dramatic I know, but those were my exact thoughts in the moment. I could hear Matt huff and puff, I felt bad I couldn’t help him paddle. I knew he was already so tired from going so far, but I knew I was doing my job as a mother. The birds kept getting closer and closer and Matt had to stop paddling at times just to whack the birds away from Stocky and me. Here we were alone in the middle of the ocean, no one near us, jelly fish surrounding us and birds attacking us, I felt so helpless but prayer did calm me knowing that someone was watching us and someone was listening. Finally we got away from the birds but not without the attack going on for over 5 minutes… which felt like the longest 5 minutes of my life. Finally when we were safe I looked back at My husband’s sweat dripping into his eyes, face red from overheating and exhaustion, and I felt so overwhelmed with love for him that he did such a good job protecting us. It was in that moment I realized the birds were coming down at his face too but all he was concerned about was us. I’m not going to lie we’ve had some good laughs about it but we still pee our pants a little bit if a bird flies close to us and so does Stocky. Tune in next time for when animals attack…unnecessary sarcasm I think not.


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