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the accident that saved a life - Sincerely Kay | Sincerely Kay

the accident that saved a life

Posted by on September 22, 2014 in Blog, Home Page Recent Posts, INSPIRE ME | 1 comment

My husband Jeff was in a very serious snowboarding accident in March 2014. When the paramedics called me and said “Your husband can’t talk but he is on his way to Utah Valley Hospital” my heart dropped. I felt my entire body ache like never before. I raced there to greet the ambulance and as they wheeled my husband in, I couldn’t help but think it was all my fault.

I had a felling that morning to let him take the day off work and go snowboarding, trying to be a sweet wife. I felt awful. While he was being tested taking x-rays they mentioned briefly that his white blood cells were really low. I knew what that “could mean” (cancer?), I had so many things going through my mind… “Will he walk again? Will he live? Does he have cancer?”  Well, as all the results came back he had a broken spine and pelvis bone. They admitted him into the hospital for a week or so to start the healing process.

The next day in the hospital they came in and asked if he and I were in a emotional state to hear some news on something they found.  Of course we said yes and they proceeded to tell us what they found in the cat scans (COMPLETELY UNRELATED TO THE ACCIDENT) a tumor the size of a golf ball in his neck. When the doctors were mentioning all of this, I had an OVERWHELMING spirit come over me saying “He has cancer, and he will be okay”. I felt warm inside immediately, and we didn’t even know the results yet, we were still dealing with the broken bones. They set up appointments for biopsy’s and ultrasounds and after my husband could get around on his crutches we started going to cancer specialists. He had CANCER! The tumor was growing and spreading fast.

The next week they did surgery and removed it, along with his thyroid and 9 lymph nodes that all came back malignant. They then proceeded to tell us after he had healed for a week that he would need cancer treatments (radiation treatments). We were advised to take the next step and go freeze sperm if we wanted more children. We did want it least one more but not now, even though we knew there was another baby.

After a week of deciding what to do I was sick—a lot! I thought it was from all the stress and overwhelming things I had been going through but I had a feeling to take a pregnancy test. I WAS PREGNANT. I became pregnant right before all of this happened and had NO idea. We were in shock. It was confirmed to me at that moment that I owe everything to my Savior. WE ARE SO WATCHED OVER… He sent SO many divine interventions into our lives to save my husband. I was so full of GRATITUDE during this entire few months, I couldn’t get discouraged.. I knew my savior had all of these events happen for a reason, the cancer specialist told us at the rate it was spreading in a few years it would have been very hard to treat. My husband is fully recovered now and cancer free. We are expecting baby #4 in a few months and its a little girl (after 3 boys), her middle name will be Grace, because she really graced us at such a perfect “hard” time in our lives. We owe everything to our Savior and are so GRATEFUL for all the horrific events because it saved my husbands life.

-Heather Telford (check out her amazing photography here)

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  1. Love this family. It makes me so happy to know the attitude you took, Heather. How amazing. Soglad Jeff will be sticking around.

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